Arcastream and General Atomics Deliver Data-Aware Cloud Storage Gateway

In this video from SC15, Bob Murphy from General Atomics describes the company’s alliance with ArcaStream to deliver Ngenea, the world’s first data-aware cloud storage gateway. Ready for quick deployment, Ngenea seamlessly integrates with popular cloud and object storage providers such as Amazon S3, Google GCS, Scality, Cleversafe and Swift and is optimised for data-intensive workflows in life science, education, research, and oil and gas exploration.

“Data-awareness is becoming increasingly important across all domains as cloud and object stores make it so easy to store tremendous quantities of data,” said Ben Leaver, Managing Director and co-Founder of ArcaStream. “Ngenea provides actionable insight into data stored in the cloud that’s previously been unavailable, enabling collaborators to find and share the valuable data crucial to their endeavours.”

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