A Structured Approach

Using a consultative approach we are able to meet your precise requirements – creating an appropriate eco-system that brings together the benefits of both enterprise and open source solutions – and supply the necessary training and support to get the most from it.

Working with you to deliver


Our first step is to familiarise ourselves with your existing system infrastructure and specific workflow requirements. We make strategic recommendations for your data strategy based upon insights from your actual data usage.


We work with your team to identify how to make best use of your existing assets and infrastructure and identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement. We identify solutions that fit your existing workflow and provide the optimal performance and capacity for your requirements and budget.


ArcaStream work in partnership with our customers to guide resellers and hardware vendor towards the perfect data-driven solution. Our software defined solution is vendor agnostic so we are free to recommend best of breed components from a broad range of vendors with no lock in.

Creating a suitable eco-system

Investment protection

Optimise your existing storage assets, extend the life of your hardware and non-disruptively replace storage components with newer technology as and when required.

Effective data management

Evidence based information enables you to organise your storage into different tiers to meet availability and performance requirements at the optimal cost point. All of this is achieved in a single data namespace with automated policies to reduce the system management overhead.

Cost effective

Our system monitoring enables you to accurately predict when you will need additional performance or capacity and competitively source new hardware at the best cost for the required performance or capacity without being tied to any specific appliance or vendor.

Between enterprise and open source

Many organisations feel compelled to purchase Enterprise Appliances from known vendors as these are considered to offer the most robust and resilient solution and yet this peace of mind comes at a significant price tag and there are downsides associated with this approach.


Open source solutions offer greater flexibility at a lower cost but are considered risky and due to lack of formal support often require in house skills to manage and maintain.


ArcaStream offers the perfect combination between Enterprise and Open Source giving the benefits of both approaches without the associated downsides.
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Making it work for you


We offer a range of options for training from group sessions at our Sheffield Technical Centre, individual sessions at your offices or an off site location of your choice through to one to one sessions and bespoke training topics and content.


Unlike many competitors, we do not operate a traditional helpdesk. The “ArcaTechs” that deal with support enquiries are the same people that design our solutions, develop our software and deploy our installations. With over 50 years of combined GPFS, Storage and Network infrastructure experience, ArcaStream engineers know both you and  your systems.

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Find out how we can help you

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer you we are more than happy to meet with you or speak to you to understand more about your existing environment and your specific data management challenges and workflow requirements. We can then offer bespoke solutions uniquely tailored to your needs.

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