Audit – the foundation

Designing storage solutions that deliver true value for money involves far more than simply working from a performance and capacity requirement. Workflows, user behaviour, access methods, performance hotspots and capacity utilisation of existing resources all demand detailed observation to provide a cost-efficient service that is attractive to users, administrators and managers alike. Our storage, data and workflow audit, available with every ArcaStream engagement, provides you with the intelligence you need to make informed, risk-free purchasing decisions.

It begins here

The audit process starts with ArcaStream providing access to a data management appliance that extracts all of the relevant information about your data and it’s usage from all existing storage resources. Detailed analytics are then performed on the result set, allowing ArcaStream to deliver a written report that outlines:

  • Who is using your storage and how much they are using
  • A breakdown of the various data types in use and the costs associated with storing them
  • Under and over utilisation information on existing resources
  • Usage trends highlighting peaks and troughs in creation, modification and access of data across the estate
  • Resources consumed by cold, stagnant data that could be relocated to lower cost tiers

Consultancy – working with you

Knowing how much your data is costing you, where it is stored and how it is used is only half the battle. Following delivery of the audit report, ArcaStream data management and workflow specialists engage with all of your key stakeholders relevant to the usage and governance of your data to analyse the data pipeline from creation all the way through to curation. 

Focusing on areas such as user experience, data ingestion, performance hotspots, collaborative practices, future growth, asset protection and compliance, our experts interrogate your entire end to end workflow. Combined with the audit report, this information is used to provide you with a strategic roadmap for managing and controlling the costs of data that offers:

  • A cost model that provides predictable growth and expansion costs to help you plan for the future
  • A path and methodology for placing and migrating data to right-cost resource tiers across disk, tape and cloud-based storage
  • A flexible and secure software-defined architecture that provides a single, easy to access view of data to users
  • The elimination of performance bottlenecks with granular, predictable scaling points to assure a consistent user experience
  • Global consolidation of all data assets to encourage collaborative working without sacrificing security or availability

Procurement assistance – sitting on your side of the table

As a software-defined solution provider, ArcaStream are agnostic to any one hardware vendor or manufacturer. We believe that storage, server and network technology should be treated as a low-cost commodity and that none of our customers should be locked-in to a single vendor strategy.

This belief is so strongly held that we provide, at no additional charge, partnership and assistance to our customers throughout the procurement process to help drive down the cost of hardware components and. Leveraging over 50 years of combined experience buying and selling storage and network hardware, we are uniquely positioned to act as a trusted partner and ensure you are achieving top value for money.

This can include activities such as:

  • Production of tender documentation, requirements and scoring matrices
  • Direct negotiation with hardware vendors and manufacturers on your behalf
  • Brokering introductions to market-specialist finance partners to reduce capital expenditure

Our software-defined, building-block approach to solution architectures and unrivalled expertise in data management drives down the current and future costs of storing and managing data – let us help you drive down those costs even further.

Enables choice without complexity – Freedom from vendor lock in
Result: up to 50% savings over competing solutions

What else we do


We offer a range of options for training from group sessions at our Sheffield Technical Centre, individual sessions at your offices or an off site location of your choice through to one to one sessions and bespoke training topics and content.


Unlike many competitors, we do not operate a traditional helpdesk. The “ArcaTechs” that deal with support enquiries are the same people that design our solutions, develop our software and deploy our installations. With over 50 years of combined GPFS, Storage and Network infrastructure experience, ArcaStream engineers know both you and  your systems.

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Find out how we can help you

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer you we are more than happy to meet with you or speak to you to understand more about your existing environment and your specific data management challenges and workflow requirements. We can then offer bespoke solutions uniquely tailored to your needs.